PROBLEM TREE: I want to analyze the causes of problems, and their effects

OBJECTIVE TREE: I want to define the solutions that address the root problems

LOGICAL FRAMEWORK: I want to plan out the logic of the intervention

PROJECT CHARTER: I want to get authorization to start project activities

BUDGET: I want to determine how much money is needed, and when

WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE: I want to organize project work into manageable components

NETWORK DIAGRAM: I want to accurately estimate how long activities will take

RISK REGISTER: I want to manage risks to project success

GANTT CHART: I want to develop a project schedule

IMPLEMENTATION PLAN: I want to develop a comprehensive map for project implementation

RACI DIAGRAM: I want to clarify the roles of stakeholders

ISSUE LOG: I want to identify, track and resolve issues

CHANGE CONTROL: I want to manage how changes to the project plan are made

AFTER ACTION REVIEW: I want to analyze what worked and what didn’t

PROJECT CLOSURE CHECKLIST: I want to ensure that all contractual obligations have been met

The Project Model

Find out about the phases that you will need to work through during the lifecycle of your project. You will learn how to move through each phase until your project is completed.

Set aside a few hours to get to know the PMD Pro model. You will quickly see how everything fits together. Then it’s time to try out some of the approaches in your day-to-day work.

Case Studies

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